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mit Freundlichkeit & fairen Preisen

Raphael & Nadine: Lessons in Pleasure...

 Description of the book:

This book tells the story of Nadine, a charming countess who opens a school of love in her castle. Raphael is Nadine’s handsome assistant. He is deeply in love with her, but unfortunately, he doesn’t tell her. Nadine assumes that only their work is their connection, because she performs various positions with him. Will Raphael have the courage to confess being in love with her? Will Nadine find her way into Raphael’s heart? “Raphael & Nadine - Lessons in Pleasure” is a small love story, yet this book also deals with sex – pure sex. One also expects of a school of love to have the various love practices demonstrated. This makes this book a guide in erotic matters. Age: 18 +

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